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✓ Structured classroom-style daycare atmosphere
✓ Individualized and group engagement
✓ Caring, patient, and engaging teachers
✓ Curriculum promotes mental and physical development
✓ Daily communication with parents

✓ Caring, patient, and engaging teachers

✓ Established a strong foundation of learning,  development and nurturing care

✓ Daily communication with parents

During the ages of two-three, a child's vocabulary can grow to nearly 300 words. Two-year-olds constantly want to explore, touch, and mimic their peers and teachers. At I Grow, we encourage your child to examine, create, and share, as they broaden their language through interacting with teachers and classmates., which is exactly what we provide in our Toddlers program.  We believe that learning should be fun, we understand that children discover best with hands-on experiences, and laying this educational foundation early will greatly benefit your child as they grow into preschool and beyond. In this stage of their lives, it is important to help children build relationships with those around them, understanding cooperative play and interacting with each other in a safe environment. Our professional daycare teachers work hard to design every program to help your child developmentally as well as physically, combining the best of playtime, nurturing care and learning into one inclusive curriculum that is themed every month to keep your toddler interested. Toddlers are being engaged in practical life and sensorial activities. The safe, loving, gentle atmosphere puts children and parents at ease and makes for a trusting, spontaneous transition from home to preschool. By providing exactly that, we are able to help our toddlers grow confidently and comfortably. Call us now to schedule a visit, and enroll your toddler today!

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